James & Starla Dean

Southern Gospel Music Artists

Welcome to our website!

Posted by on Nov 10, 2010

Welcome to our new website, JamesandStarlaDean.com.  We hope you familiarize yourself with this site and learn about the latest information happening in our ministry. This site has been in the works for the last several months, so we hope you find yourself coming back to keep up with what God is doing with James and Starla Dean.

If you are a concert promoter, don’t forget to check out our Booking page. There you can request a concert, and even download your Media Kit to help promote the upcoming event. If you’re an avid fan, and find a concert in your area, feel free to also download a Media Kit to help promote our concert in your area. We appreciate all the help you provide in promoting these concerts.

Also available on our website, is our JSD Digital Store. Here, you’ll be able to purchase and download digital copies of your favorite songs and albums. You can also download your free copy of any lyrics of the songs that we sing. We hope you take advantage of this great new feature. Our JSD Digital Store can be found by simply rolling your mouse over the Store link on the homepage, or by clicking the link above.

As always, thanks for supporting our ministry, and we hope you find this new site as exciting and helpful as we do.