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Tell Somebody

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TellSomebody_PreviewOur latest project, Tell Somebody, is available for purchase as of tomorrow, January 1, 2016! This project is such a special project for many reasons. One, our older daughter Adalyn debuts her first ever release on Tell Somebody Reprise, a song I’m sure many of you will love. She was so excited to participate in this album, and we were thrilled to have her sing. (more…)

Guess What We’re Doing This Week?

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New Album Release

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Happy Monday!

It is finally here the long awaited soundtrack to our first CD, James and Starla Dean. Many of you have asked for the soundtracks for songs like Secret Place and I Believe God and we know have them available for purchase. You may visit our online store or call us at 419-342-2969. (more…)

Happy 2nd Birthday Adalyn

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Today marks a very special day for James and Starla Dean.  Our sweet little girl, Adalyn, turns 2 today! God blessed us on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 10:01 p.m. with a 9lb. 6 oz. baby girl and our lives have not been the same since.  It is truly amazing how much love you can feel in an instant moment.  You see the world through different eyes after seeing how they react and learn to a new world around them.  (more…)

Thanksgiving 2011

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Another year is about to end.  How time flies! At this time of year we are all reminded of being thankful and counting our blessings and indeed we should.   But I hope for myself that I can keep this thankful heart and spirit every day of the year.  The Lord has done so much for each of us! (more…)